Janez Potočnik: The Mura’s Bridge is also my bridge

janez-potocnik member of Mobilitatis Omni support Mura's Bridge

The Mura Bridge is also my bridge

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The Mura Bridge symbolically represents the Mobilitatis Omni initiative, which advocates mobility for all, security and the consolidation of cultural heritage, promotes sports and tourism, follows the principles of sustainable development, builds friendship, and, last but not least, believes in love.

Who wouldn’t support an idea that talks about connection, mutual respect, sustainability, and love. Who would not support the idea that grew up among the people along the Mura, who, like the river itself, are marked and distinguished by flowing peace, authenticity, integrity, and deep softness.

The Mura Bridge is also my bridge and I am happy to be able to help build it.”

Janez Potočnik, PhD, Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel

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