Miran Fujs: Connecting both sides of the Mura River

Connecting both sides of the Mura River

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“As a company based in Gornja Radgona, we support the reforming of the Mura’s Bridge, because we see it as opening of new opportunities for the local environment, especially in the field of tourism and connecting the people of the countries on both sides of the Mura River.

We were among the first to join the MiRi initiative, not because of our own economic interests, but mainly because of the symbolism, tradition and contribution to the tourist offer as well as to sustainable mobility. It is also a revival of tradition, a bridge between the present and the past, as this initiative involves the re-establishment of a bridge that was built in 1890 and demolished at the end of World War II.

On a symbolic level, however, this bridge is extremely important in connecting and strengthening ties between the two neighbouring EU countries. We also recognise our story in this symbolism, as we have been successfully operating under the auspices of the owners from the Republic of Austria for two decades. We want infrastructure to follow such successful business connections as ours.”

Miran Fujs, Arcont, Chairman of the Board

Join with your organisation to MiRi as a member and sign the Declaration for the Mura’s Bridge.

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