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Don’t hesitate to reach us out with the contact information below.

Marko Savić MA, MBA
Director of the Institute

Get in Touch
Mobile phone: +386 41 730 882
(also on Viber & WhatsApp)
Skype: marko.savic.007

Web sites

We are available through Zoom, Viber, WhatsApp and Sykpe. Interact with us also through our social media accounts:


We are based in Murska Sobota, north-eastern part of Slovenia, with our head unit in Slovenian capitol, Ljubljana.

Mobilitatis Omni ID

Name: Mura’s Institute for infrastructure development / Murski institut za razvoj infrastrukture.
Name abbreviation: Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota.

Registration №: 8251410000.
Tax №: 40703274 (not VAT obligatory).

Mura’s institute for infrastructure development is registered as a non-profit institute in Slovenian Business Register and published in Court Register according to section 1 of paragraph 2 of article 7 of Court Register Act. Court and business register entry date: August 2nd, 2018.

To reopen the cross-border multi-functional Mura’s Bridge, inter-regional railway lines and construct long-distance cycling routes along these lines in the regions of the Mura and Drava Rivers in four countries.

Mobilitatis Omni initiative is for everyone who comes and goes daily, weekly and occasionally not only from the four neighbouring countries to and from the Mura and Drava Rivers regions – from Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Hungary –, but also for everyone from the Central-European regions. We invite you to support the initiative by joining the Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP Club MiRi today. Every member and every euro counts. The more of us there will be, the stronger we will be.

Home > About > Contact: Get in touch with us