East with West

As the representatives

the economy, cities, and municipalities

we will re-establish the entire railway

network in Slovenia, from East

to West and vice versa.


we advocate reopening

all cross-border connections with

neighbours in Italy, Austria, Hungary and,

last but not least, Croatia.

Join us

as a member

of the Central European

Alliance for Sustainable Mobility.

Mobilitatis Omni institute promise

1,370 kilometres

of railway lines in

Slovenia in upgrade.

By 2030!

All railway border

crossings of Slovenia &

its 4 neighbours reopened.

With our proposal of three core and eleven inter-regional railway corridors, we will fulfill our promise for core corridors by 2030 and for inter-regional (comprehensive) corridors by 2050.
Simultaneously we will reopen all railway border crossings in Slovenia with our neighbours in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy.

Vision of the institute

By 2030 we will increase railway kilometres length in Slovenia from 1,207 railway kilometres to 1,370 railway kilometres.
Out of all those lines, 156 kilometres will be new electrified double railway tracks and 22 kilometres of new electrified single railway tracks.
The rest of the 841 kilometres of railway tracks will be in the upgrade or with a plan to upgrade.



Omni Congress

Future-Proof Cross-Border
Transport Systems as a Sustainable
Mobility of Cities and Regions Today

6th - 8th of April, 2022

The three-day congress held in person and streamed live video online (hybrid).

Health Centre Radenci, Slovenia

Bioclimate health resort in the beautiful region along the beautiful river Mura. Radenci are world-famous for its mineral water Radenska.
Research Tracks of the Congress

Three Thematic

and One Open Track

at the 2022 Congress

The 2022 Mobilitatis Omni Congress has three thematic and one open track.

Every tack will also have its session tracks. You may wish to propose and lead your own session.

Call for Sessions is now published and updated. Apply with your sessions proposal for one or more tracks until October 31st 2021!

Profile of the Congress

Sponsorships & Exhibitors Invitation

The 2022 Mobilitatis Omni Congress will demonstrate and share the latest research in sustainable mobility including the expertise of the transport industry and (e)mobility solutions demonstration. With the congress, we are laying the foundations of enhanced cross-border mobility of all and sustainable development in European Union border regions for present and future generations. All congress attendees have the option to join the Central European Alliance for Sustainable Mobility.

One good reason to sponsor and exhibit at the 2022 Mobilitatis Omni Congress. We need to de-carbonise transport and we need to make mobility sustainable. Present your solution!
Douglas Adams wrote in his world-famous Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that the number 42 is the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". Join the 42 profiles at the conference and exchange insights.
is the year of the railway. In the 21st century it is about time that we close the cross-border railway missing links and cross-border connections. This is one of the biggest opportunities for enhanced mobility, economic and sustainable development in European Union.