Who we are

Institute for Infrastructure Development and Sustainable Mobility of All

Mobilitatis Omni institute develops cross-border railways and long-distance cycling routes through the integration of the economy with the intersection of sport and mobility of all, and public health. The vision of the institute is to develop documentation for sustainable transport and energy infrastructure in the entire cross-border, Central European area, for which, according to initial estimates, there are many opportunities.
We started as the initiative to reconstruct the cross-border railway bridge over the Mura river between Slovenia and Austria, in Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg. The initiative was supported and transformed into an institute by the first three founders, companies Arcont and Pomurski sejem from Gornja Radgona, and Teleing Gradnje near Ljutomer. We registered the institute as Mura’s institute for infrastructure development on August 2nd, 2018.

In the meantime, several other members approached the institute. Currently, Mobilitati Omni has dozen organizational members. Membership of the institute is growing steadily. We accept also personal-based membership in the MBTT Club.

Why institute?

The founders of Mobilitatis Omni have chosen the institute as the most appropriate legal form of this initiative.


Sources of funding

The membership fee is the basic financial source of the institute's function.


ID Card

Name of the institute: Mobilitatis Omni, Murska Sobota.
Address: Plese 9a, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

m: +386 41 730 882
e: marko.savic@mbtt.io


Founders, members & partners of the institute

The leadership team of the institute

Marko Savić is director of the institute.
Peter Beznec is the future president of the institutes' council.

Marko Savić is a starter and co-founder of the Mobilitatis Omni institute. Savić is also a Senior Lecturer in Design Management at the Faculty of Design. From 2018 interdisciplinary doctoral student of the Environmental Protection.

Peter Beznec is a Director of the Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota and future President of the Mobilitatis Omni institutes’ council.

Marko Savic Peter Beznec leadership of the Mobilitatis Omni institute
Our promise

Upgraded 1,370 km of railway lines in 2030.
All border railway crossing in five countries re-opened.

We designed a proposal of three core and eleven inter-regional railway corridors. That is how we are going to upgrade and re-open all railway crossings of Slovenia with our neighbours in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy.

Vision of the institute

In 2030 we plan an increase of all railway lines in Slovenia from 1,207 railway kilometres to 1,370 railway kilometres. Out of all those lines, 156 kilometres will be new electrified double railway tracks and 22 new electrified single railway tracks. The rest of the 841 kilometres of railway tracks will be in the upgrade or with a plan to upgrade.