Legend of the graphical map of railway lines network in Slovenia
Railway Network in Slovenia

Current & Proposed
State of the Railway
Lines Network in Slovenia

Currently, Slovenia has 1,207 kilometres of all railway lines, among them 333 kilometres of double-track lines and 874 kilometres of single-track lines. Three out of nine railway border crossings with Austria, Hungary and Italy still closed. And eight railway border crossing with Croatia much less used. That is why we propose up to 1,370 km of railway lines—489 km of double-tracks with and 906 km of single-tracks—until 2030. Even more importantly. We propose planning the upgrade of all inter-regional (comprehensive) railway lines and re-forming of missing railway border crossings.

Our promise

1,370 kilometres
of railway lines in
Slovenia in upgrade.
By 2030!

All railway border
crossings of Slovenia &
its 4 neighbours reopened.

With three core and eleven inter-regional railway corridor proposals, we will fulfill the promise of upgrading the core corridors by 2030 and the promise of upgrading the inter-regional corridors by 2050.
At the same time, we will reopen all railway border crossings in Slovenia with its neighbours in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Italy.

Vision of the institute

By 2030 we will increase railway kilometres lenght in Slovenia from 1,207 railway kilometres to 1,370 railway kilometres.
Out of all those lines, 156 kilometres will be new electrified double railway tracks and 22 kilometres new electrified single railway tracks.
The rest of the 841 kilometres of railway tracks will be in the upgrade or with a plan to upgrade.

Railway lines & stations

Core, regional, disused &
dismantled rail corridors
in Slovenia by municipalities

  • All corridors
  • Disused corridors
  • Regional/comprehensive corridors
  • All corridors
  • Disused corridors
  • Regional/comprehensive corridors
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