Key dates

Key dates
of the 2022 Congress to follow

Key dates of the 2022 Congress are published. We kindly invite researchers and professionals to submit their abstracts in due time. Have in mind, that registration after the accepted abstract is obligatory. It will be possible to attend in person as also to present and interact online at the congress.

9.4. 2021Pre-Registration and Call for Sessions open.
31.10. 2021Pre-Registration and Call for Sessions closed.
5.11. 2021Call for Abstract and Registration open.
17.1. 2022Call for Abstract closed.
4.2. 2022Abstract Acceptance Notification.
28.2. 2022Final Registration.
6.-8.4. 2022The 2021 Mobilitatis Omni Congress.
6.5. 2022Submission of Full Papers (optional).

Forecast of the focus of human attention in the twenty-first century

We are following the mission of proving that railways and bicycles are key transport and mobility sustainable modes, as they were once already. We are working toward avoidance of unsustainabilities one at a time – if possible by using existing resources.

[The Fifth Cultural Step] Most of this methodological development is taking place outside the established research institutions. Much of it has the character of kitchen-table experimentation, but this was also the case for technical revolutions up until the 1930s. How quickly things will evolve is difficult to tell, but it is worth remembering that it took no more than sixty-six from the when two bicycle repair men, the Wright brothers, got the aircraft to lift off until the Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. A great deal  will happen over the next forty years.*
Dag Andersen, political scientists, author of The 5th Step: The Way to a New Society, Norway

Andersen, Dag, 2012, p. 317 in Randers, Jorgen. 2052: A global forecast for the next forty years. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2012.

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