M u r a ‘ s B r i d g e enables
440 kilometers of cross-border inter-regional
railway connections in the four countries of
the Mura and Drava Rivers regions.

Signing of the Declaration for the Mura’s Bridge

The founders, members and partners of MiRi had on October 16th, 2020, with the signing of the Declaration on the Mura’s Bridge in the Mura-Drava-line network, marked the opening of the railway, which 130 years ago – on October 16th, 1890 – connected Spielfeld-Straß, Bad Radkersburg, Gornja Radgona and Ljutomer. That is how we started the campaign for the multi-functional to be Mura’s Bridge.

We invite representatives of companies, entrepreneurs and mayors to sign the Declaration. Join with your organisation in MiRi and sign the Declaration for the Mura’s Bridge.

European Citizens Initiative for the Mura’s Bridge

The Mura’s Bridge was mined more than 75 years ago. It is high time to re-establish this bridge between Slovenia and Austria over the Mura River. At the beginning of 2021, we will launch the European Citizens’ Initiative for the Mura’s Bridge.

Klub MiRi

To support the re-establishment of the Mura’s Bridge and the Mura-Drava-Rails network in the estimated length of 440 railways kilometres and to support the construction of long-distance cycling routes along these routes – we invite you to sign with membership on your behalf as the MiRi Club member.