Railway Line Pivka–Rijeka
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Current length & type of the line
Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica–SB Croatia [24.5 km]
Rijeka–Šapjane–SB Slovenia [31 km]
Current kilometres | tracks | electrification

55.5 km |
Single-track |
Electrified |

More details below.

Line upgrade proposal

Single-track |
Electrification upgrade |
Speeds up to 120km/h |
Multi level crossings |

To be confirmed on the local and inter-regional level.

Line description by municipality

Railway line
Pivka–Rijeka [55.5 km]

Municipality of Pivka has two railway stations—Pivka and Narin—on its railway line to Rijeka. Upgrade proposal for this line—as part of the corridor Julian Alps–Istria–Kvarner Bay—is a single-track line, electrification upgrade, with speeds up to 120 km/h and multi-level crossings.

Table: Railway stations/stops on the line
Ilirska Bistrica2
Map: Railway stations of the current line by municipalities & location

Railway stations on the railway line Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica–Šapjane–Rijeka [55.5 km]. Presented on the map by municipalities.

  • All
  • Sapjane–Rijeka
Railway line –Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica–Matulji-Opatija–Rijeka– Julian Alps–Istria–Kvarner Bay Corridor

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